Are you ready to cash- in on your memory bear sewing services while keeping your mission and passion first?
Brand New 
 6-week summer bootcamp for memory bear designers who want:
More Cash
More Time
Is this for you?
….have a talent for turning fabric into a memorial piece of art
…skills that turn clothes into heirlooms
…a mind that runs 24/7/365 in ways to be your own boss
….you’re still trading time for money
… looking at your sewing machine wishing you had time to use it
…. struggling to keep a steady supply of customers
….turn “viewers” into buyers
 I help you move from idea to plan, then plan to growth.
Isn’t time to turn your hobby into a business?
️ Everyone is welcomed, however, please note that all training is based on U.S guidelines, resources, and business tips.
 A snippet of topics to be discussed include, but not limited to:
Target customers
Look professional online and in-person
Uncover time wasters
Stop trading time for money
 Learn to Market your business
Introductory Price: $97.00 per member
   YES! I am ready to move forward with my goals!

Bootcamp begins July 1, 2018, and ends August 12, 2018
Only open to the first 10 buyers. Then it closes again until October 2018 at a substantially higher price!